Based on a half century of experience,
we know...

...that when joy & learning come together,
true brilliance is awakened.


Our Mission

…is to offer teachers, parents and homeschoolers the Education for Life System: a proven, holistic approach that offers children the tools necessary to achieve true and lasting success.

We offer this online space where to find new inspiration and tested methods to work with the child as a whole. Access and experience community with fellow like-minded educators,
with support from teachers & parents experienced in the EFL Approach.

What we offer

EFL Teacher credential program

EFL Teacher Credential

Features online and in-person module and classes, with a selection of over thirty individual EFL training modules.

EFL Parent Enrichemet Program

EFL Parent Enrichment

Gives parents tools & skills to develop healthy habits and life skills as a family, to create a happier, more harmonious home.

EFL Community

EFL Community

An online space for interactions for educators and parents, where group discussions and live gatherings offer ongoing support in using the EFL System in school or at home.

EFL Homeschool Support Program

EFL Homeschool Support

Offers a meaningful curriculum support to enrich your chosen program.

EFL School Development Program

EFL School Development

Facilitates the creation of new EFL schools and the integration of the EFL Approach in existing schools, through administrator & teacher training, and support.